We are a uniform school and request that you support us by sending your child to school every day in the preferred uniform.

The uniform consists of:
 White polo shirt
 Purple jumper or cardigan with Kingfisher logo
 Black/grey trousers or skirt
 Optional purple checked summer dress
 Black school shoes – trainers are not allowed
Denim jeans are not allowed.
Children may wear plain sweatshirts and T-shirts in the appropriate colour.
Children should wear black shoes.
Items of school uniform with the school logo are available at from the school office.
Book bags can also be purchased from the office.
Our PE uniform consists of daps or trainers and a PE kit supplied by the school.
This PE kit is school property and therefore remains in school during the term, taken home to be washed termly during the holidays.
Jewellery is not allowed, with the exception of watches and stud ear rings.
Hoop ear rings are not allowed because they are a health and safety hazard.
Children have to remove all jewellery for P.E. and swimming.
We will not be held responsible for any items of jewellery brought into school.