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CGS Trust and Bristol City Council have worked together to secure a fantastic new building for the St Anne’s community. As part of the Priority Schools Building Programme, The Kingfisher School was identified as a school in need of urgent repair. In order to make the most of this opportunity BCC supported the school moving from a one form entry school to two forms of entry as part of the project. The council also viewed this development as an opportunity to invest in redesigning and developing new accommodation for the Children’s Centre thereby creating a purpose built community centre at the heart of the community.

The Education Funding Agency is leading the project and have commissioned a building contractor, Kier, to develop suitable plans which will create a single building and outdoor space to integrate the school and community services on one site. The proposed plans include a review of the outside space to provide better sporting facilities and a library/education centre to be used not only by the school and Children’s Centre but by the wider community of St Anne’s out of school hours.